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3 Reasons Why A Blog Collaboration Will Boost Your Blog Performance

Hey guys, you’ll probably already know that I’ve been busy hustling over at Eclectic Creative and thanks to this blog collaboration, I’m beginning to see a boost in my own blog’s performance.

So far, the process of blog collaboration – taking creative ideas that are usually reserved solely for your own blog and delivering them on another platform, is a new experience that I’m loving.

Not that Keenie / DIY isn’t the bomb… can I hear a HOLLA?

But it’s a very different thing creating, making and sharing with another blog in mind.

If the opportunity for blog collaboration occurs, I recommend you embrace it with both arms and give it a nice. big. hug. Okay?

While some of you may think that putting time and effort into somebody else’s blog is counter-productive, in reality collaboration will give you big props and boost your own blog performance.

For reals.


For someone like me who most often works alone (except for the one-off times I pin Tarq down and force him to spit ball ideas with me), it is refreshing to have a like-minded creative to bounce ideas off.

As a creative, it is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of too many ideas. Once you head in one direction, it can hard to come back from the conceptual abyss if you don’t have anyone there in the planning stages.

This happens to me all the time with DIY, I have grand ideas about one thing or another and once I’m on the path it becomes hard to get off, sometimes resulting in a failed project. Boo!

This is why having someone there to politely say, ‘hey girl – you crazy’, can really help to re-trigger and put everything back into perspective resulting in better content for your audience.

Collaborating with another blogger may open doors to a long-term relationship, and who knows, this like-minded individual could even become a sounding board for your own blog that you rely on over and over again, and vice versa.


Any type of collaboration, whether it is one guest post or a full-time gig as a Blog Contributor, is just money in the experience bank and getting you one step closer to your overall goal of world domination…

… joking-not-joking.

But really, the experience of planning, preparing and executing a copy for another blog is a whole different ball game to delivering content for your own website.

I’ve found that with my own website, I tend to be more fluid in my approach. So, I might have an idea about what kind of DIY project I want to do but if it changes half way through, then no big deal – I just roll with the punches.

BUT, you cannot do this when your collaborating with another blog. This is a big no, no.


Because they are relying on you to deliver what you promised. It looks unprofessional to present an idea, only to turn around and say “uhhh yeah so about that bookcase, well it didn’t work out so I painted this super-cool pot plant instead.”

I mean, I’m sure that pot plant is cool but there is a lot of organisation and scheduling that goes on behind the scenes and what they really needed was the bookcase.

Blog collaboration will teach you to take your accepted pitches and deadlines seriously and this professionalism will roll over onto your own blog, helping to improve your own productivity and performance.


Hey now, I’m not saying the quality of your content is poor but it could always be better and blog collaboration will give you the push you need to take your copy to the next level.

Whether it is your photography, written copy or SEO skills – you tend to go that extra mile when the content creation is not just for your own blog, but intended for the publishing standard of your collaborator.

As a blog contributor, you’re expected to take on the voice of the blog you are writing for. This means owning their core values and relaying that message in whatever you’re trying to say.

So, if one of the requirements of the blog collaboration is white, bright, high quality images then…

…why should you settle for anything less on your own blog?

Same goes for the written copy and SEO. If your collaboration appearance asks you to advance the conversation and produce written value for their readers…

…why not do the same for your own blog audience?

This practice of understanding a particular blog’s voice will help you to improve your own blog’s voice, core values and improve the quality of your own content.

Feel me? Yeah, you do.



DIY Cane Headboard Tutorial featured first on Eclectic Creative Blog.

Keen to collaborate? Send your DIY Cane Headboard photos via and show me how you style this bedhead in your space! I’d love to feature you on my blog.

Keenie xx


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