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2 Simple Plant DIYs for the Complete Beginner

Hey guys, in case you missed it — I’ve been getting my green-thumb on over at Eclectic Creative blog with these super-easy and fun plant DIYs.

Not only are these plant DIYs for the complete beginner..

…they also require virtually zero attention — perfect for surviving the upcoming cooling months.

The beginning of April marks the end of daylight savings in NZ.

As a result, I’ve finally admitted that a final burst of summer is just not going to happen.

And, apart from the obvious reasons (ahem, steady week of rain) — I’m starting to feel the effects of the seasonal change.

2 Simple Plant DIYs for the Complete Beginner

The days are quite obviously shorter and the sun has been hanging out lower in the sky.

The light levels in my little rental are dropping and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to snap the perfect light-filled shots.

— I forgot how dark my house became during this time of year.

Also, the shocking growth of my houseplants over summer have finally started to slow down and I’ve just had my first plant casualty of the year.

Perhaps in denial that the cooler months were upon us, I over watered my poor Schefflera giving it a bad case of root rot.

Fingers crossed I saved it, yet it’s too soon to tell.

2 Simple Plant DIYs for the Complete Beginner

But, I’m obviously still in denial that winter is just around the corner, cause I’m continuing to introduce new plant babies to my ever-growing family.

I now have over 40 houseplants — and, I just can’t stop plant hoarding!

The good thing about both these plant DIYs, they involve very hardy and low-maintenance plants.

Meaning, they are likely to survive the cooler months and are safe to bring home, even in Autumn.


Cause, I can’t take another death in the plant family.

2 Simple Plant DIYs for the Complete Beginner

Make sure to check out the full DIY tutorials for the DIY Indoor Water Plant and DIY Eggshell Succulent Garden over at Eclectic Creative Blog.

I promise, both these Plant DIYs are made for complete beginners — even the ‘black thumb’ could pull them off.

Keenie xx


  1. Oh, I really like those DIY’s! 40 plants, wooow, that’s a lot, haha. Here in Belgium, spring is finally around the corner, so I’m glad 😉 Love!

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