A little bit about me…

Hi. My name is Elly Keen, or ‘Keenie’, for short. My bbf, two cats and I live in NZ’s coolest little capital, Wellington, right at the bottom of the world. We’re homebodies at heart, biding time in our rented gem, until we find that forever home.

The plan was to land a nest in the ‘burbs, restore and hibernate, but after three years, we are still pinching pennies. Resigned for rental longevity and feeling all too sorry for myself, I decided I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer.

The blog

Keenie / DIY is my creative outlet. A chance to inject some colour into the monotony of rental living. Because the purse strings are tied for the to-be first home, this is me, doing it myself on a budget.

Since I started this journey, I’ve been DIY obsessed, spending every weekend with sandpaper and paint in tow. Sure, maybe I can’t knock down walls or rip up carpet, but as far as projects go there is still a lot to do.

Keenie / DIY features a slew of home decorating ideas, crafty things and DIY projects, interior design, styling and shoppable homewares plus a houseplant or two thrown in for good measure, all curated by me for you. I hope you like it.

Keenie xx